Mrs.Seema Behal
Matrix Academy School

When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. The choice is yours. Walk an extra mile and you’ll surely reach your destination.


Being the head of an institution is an important yet difficult job, and that too, when that institution is a school, makes it even more difficult. School is an assembly of young, tender, naive minds gathering together from different backgrounds of the society. My first and foremost task as a Principal is to align all these minds into a common thread and mould them into their greatest possible outcomes. 

Children are the most innocent yet loving form of human beings. To tame their mind at the right age, in the right atmosphere, under the correct circumstances, is what creates a wonderful end product. We, at Matrix provide this situation and create such circumstances apt enough for everyone to adopt the best of the possible things as per their liking, choices and conveniences.

School is the preparation of life. We understand this very well. And that is why, in every training year, we inculcate the values useful in life apart from educating them. My difficult job is made easier with the generous support of our chairman, our co-founder, my ever-striving staff members and each and every student of MAS. Within a short span of time, our school has etched a name for itself in green letters. Our united hard work is the key to make this happen.

My heartfelt thanks to each and every person involved in its making and upbringing. We will continue to provide the same level of love, care, attention, encouragement and enthusiasm to all the upcoming batches of MAS.

Regards to all

Mrs. Seema Behal


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