Ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.

-William Shakespeare.

Indeed… In today’s world nothing counts as much as education… The more you are educated, the more you are respected… We at MAS understand this and that is why we are here to help our wards fly.. and not just fly but soar high… We are here to help them find the way to the heaven of knowledge, to help them lead the way to the summit of a place wherein they are loved and respected…

“HIGH FLIGHTS” being our motto, right from day one we mould our students to adapt n adopt this motto for the rest of their lives. And this motto is meant to encourage every alumni of MAS to achieve their dreams and thereby contribute their bit to the society.

The four house groups that we have selected-cardinal, kingfisher, weaver and parakeet, each of them has a quality to be learnt from… like a cardinal, who sing melodies and are the most loved birds, we want our children to be able to convey their melodies and songs about life… to be expressible and to voice out opinion, which is the need of time… like the kingfisher, famous for his hunting skills, we want our students to be able to achieve their target.. precision, quality, dedication, and being goal-oriented is what takes you there… like the Weaver bird, who build their own nests, we want our children to be able to make their mark in the society on their own… and as they are the future of our country,we want them to build a better community… and lastly,like the Parakeet, who are extremely colourful and social..we want our children to excel in all the fields and be multitalented. We do not concentrate only on Education.. but we concentrate on the overall growth of the child…

“Free your mind and spread your wings..fly High..The sky is the limit..Dare to dream and dream big”… This is our message, This is what we preach at MAS and This is the simple meaning of our motto…All this to encourage, to inspire and to bring out the Best in our children…

We will prepare our students to be

  • Strong enough to stand alone

  • Smart enough to seek solutions

  • Sensitive enough to empathise

  • Sweet enough to share and care

  • Sure enough to succeed

  • To develop a strong sense of self
  • To promote lifelong happiness
  • To succeed through holistic approach.

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