Capacity Building Programme by CoE, Pune

Title: English Language & Literature

Date : 03rd & 4th June 2024

Venue: Matrix Academy School

Venue Director:  Mrs. Seema Behal  ( Principal, Matrix Academy School)

Resource Person: Mr. Ashish S. Kate (Principal, Atma Malik International School, Thane)

The primary objectives of the Training Programme :

  •  To develop LSRW skills in the English Language.
  •  To provide hands-on experience in creative writing.
  •  To improve participants proficiency in English Grammar, vocabulary, and Teaching         


  •    To foster a deeper appreciation for English literature.
  •    Designing learning outcomes.
  •    Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  •    Study curriculum of English activities.
  •    Introduction to various classroom activities.
  • Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge, literature, and practical classroom

Key takeaways of the Training ProgrammeÁ

  •  Enhanced understanding of English Language and literature.
  •  Linguistic aspects.
  •  Acquisition of practical skills and strategies for language proficiency.
  • Appreciation of diverse forms, styles and themes.
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