About Us


Matrix Academy School is established by Vishnu Pratibha Education Trust in Virar. We offer education from Toddlers, Playschool to Std. 10th, following CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

‘Free your mind and spread your wings..Fly High..The sky is the limit..Dare to dream and dream big’…This is our message ,This is what we preach at MAS and This is the simple meaning of our motto…

School Houses

The school community is divided into four Houses christened on the names of birds symbolizing their unique talents and High Flights.

The four House groupsare named as Cardinal, Kingfisher, Parakeet and Weaver.Each has its own unique quality to inspire the young minds.

Cardinals voice out melodies expressing their moods and are the most loved birds.We wish our children to be able to convey their views through songs about life and to be expressible.

Kingfishers, famous for their patience and hunting skills could surely prompt our students to achieve their target with precision, quality and dedication.

Parakeets are extremely colourful, smart, social , talented and fast learners. Similarly, we wish our children to excel in all the fields and be multitalented. We not only concentrate on Education but also on the overall growth of the children.

Weavers, known for their meticulous and artistical nests, would definitely instill in our children the same quality and to be able to make their mark in the society on their own. As they are the future of our country, we want them to build a better community.

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